Experiments with OpenFlow and IEEE802.11 Point-to-Point Links in a WMN


Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) evolved to be sophisticated technologies used in a variety of applications. However, a combined approach called Wireless Mesh Software Defined Network (wmSDN) has not been widely addressed in the research community. Our idea in this field consists of WiFi-based point-to-point links managed by the OpenFlow protocol. We investigate two different issues regarding this idea. First, whichWiFi operational mode is suitable in an OpenFlow managed broadcast domain? Second, does the performance decrease compared with other routing or switching principles? Therefore, we set up a real-world testbed and a suitable simulation environment. Unlike previous work, we show that it is possible to use WiFi links without conducting Media Access Control (MAC) address rewriting at each hop by utilizing the 4-address-mode.

ICWMC 2016 - Twelfth Int. Conf. Wirel. Mob. Commun.