An Empirical Evaluation of the Received Signal Strength Indicator for fixed outdoor 802.11 links


For the evaluation of the received signal strength indication (RSSI) a different methodology compared to previous publications is introduced in this paper by exploiting a spectral scan feature of recent Qualcomm Atheros WiFi NICs. This method is compared to driver reports and to an industrial grade spectrum analyzer. During the conducted outdoor experiments a decreased scattering of the RSSI compared to previous publica- tions is observed. By applying well-known mathematical tests for normality it is possible to show that the RSSI does not follow a normal distribution in a line-of-sight outdoor environment. The evaluated spectral scan features offers additional possibilities to develop interference classifiers which is an important step for frequency allocation in long-distance 802.11 networks.

Mobilkommunikation - Technologien und Anwendungen. Vorträge der 20. ITG-Fachtagung, 7.-8. Mai 2015 in Osnabrück. ITG-Fachbericht, Bd. 258